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Instagram Live: Conversations With Our Epilepsy Health Leaders

EpilepsyDisease.com recently hosted our first Instagram Live with our Health Leaders Natalie Beavers, Derra Howard, and Anita Meeks to share their experiences living with epilepsy. Our conversation covered personal experiences with diagnosis, treatment, side effects, mental health, and finding support resources.

Watch the entire Instagram Live below!

Words of encouragement for the community

To close out our Live chat, we asked our EpilepsyDisease.com Health Leaders to share one piece of encouragement or advice with the epilepsy community. Here's what they shared:

Natalie: You are a champion!

Derra: Don't let epilepsy stop you.

Anita: Epilepsy does not define who you are.

Now we want to hear from you! Community connection and encouragement are so important when living with epilepsy. If you had one word of encouragement to give to those who are affected by epilepsy, what would it be? Click here to share in our Forums.

Looking for more on these topics?

Here are some articles from our Health Leaders and editorial team with more in-depth information on the topics we covered during the Live.


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