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How do you cope with epilepsy?

  1. , thank you so much for sharing with the community and posing your question. I am sure this diagnosis journey is scary and uncertain. While I do not have the answers to what exactly you can tell your loved one, I hope that the resources I am sharing below will provide some help towards navigating through this new journey. Please feel free to check out the articles linked below. This community is here for you, we hear you and we support you!

    Caring for Someone with Epilepsy:
    Who Gets Epilepsy?:
    Getting A Good Night’s Sleep:

    Kailah H, Epilepsy Team Member

    1. what do you say to a loved one that is recently diagnosed, still scared and unsure on top of constant seizures, lack of sleep and so many Dr visits? What did you want said to you or what helped, if at all from loved ones?

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