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Seizure care as someone with epilepsy

As someone with epilepsy, how do you want to be cared for when you have a seizure?

  1. I have galactic epilepsy and they are laughing seizures. But, since I have had 3 brain surgeries. My seizures have changed and gotten worse. My husband, makes sure that I'm doing well and that ai am in bed. Because, I need to get a lot of sleep In order to keep and calm down my seizures. When, I fail asleep, I sleep for quite awhile and then I wake up and talk to my husband and let him know how I'm feeling

    1. I just had 2 the other day I think you want to be cared for with the most loving way and know people are there for you. It helps to know that you rest and take care of yourself while children are taken care of. I kinda miss having my mom around when I was younger because she made sure everything went smoothly.

      1. Everytime that I was activialy having a seizure the sound of my mom's voice talking to me would make me come out far being on Keppra I haven't had any in 6 years & thank God because my mom passed away 4 years ago & I'm scared of my daughter age 11 witnessing a second one(she witnessed my last one at 5 years old) & my mom is no longer here to talk me out of them...luckily the last one I had my mom was calling my phone like she did every morning before my daughter went to school & I wasn't answering so since she was at work she sent my cousin to my house to check on me & I came out of it when she walked through the door! But usually after I have 1 I am really exhausted for about a week straight & just want to lay in bed & sleep & I do usually get migraines too

        1. My wife always takes care of me. Communicates with the doctor to determine whether or not I am going to come out of it.

          1. I'm glad your wife is so supportive. I can imagine that must feel reassuring knowing she is there for you. Wishing you the best, Julie (team member)

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