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Financial Challenges of Epilepsy: Medication Costs

High medication cost and availability have significantly impacted medical care. Unfortunately, increases in drug prices have made it difficult for many people to afford life-saving medications. Even with insurance, the costs can be unaffordable.

This has led to difficult choices, such as skipping doses or taking less effective medications, which can have dire consequences. With epilepsy, these consequences can even be life-threatening.

Epilepsy meds can be tricky

Living with epilepsy can be difficult due to the constantly changing nature of the disease and the challenge of finding the proper treatment. Some medicines can cause discomfort and have negative side effects, so people often have to try a variety of different medications in order to find what works for them and their seizures.

Not all individuals respond to the same drug when it comes to medication. What helps ease one person's seizures may not help another person. And sometimes there may be issues with medication intolerance or recalled medication.

As someone who has taken 3 different medication brands, I have learned that specific drugs come in various forms and dosages. Education, availability, research, and awareness of epilepsy treatment are still needed.

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Epilepsy treatment cost

Throughout my journey with managing my epilepsy, I have been prescribed a range of medications, including carbamazepine and lamotrigine. However, the process of finding the right dosages and amounts (under the care of my doctor, of course) has not been an easy one. Then pile on the cost of the medication and it's like adding salt to a wound.

As I began to pay for my prescribed medications, I was shocked the growing issues related to pricing and availability. I have encountered situations where the prices of my medications were raised or where I was denied access to my prescribed medication due to availability issues. This realization prompted me to become more proactive in learning where to find my prescribed medications, especially when moving to another country or region.

Exploring online pharmacy options

Fortunately, my search led me to discover a pharmaceutical company called The Mark Cuban Cost Plus, which provides generic medications at an affordable cost. This company offers a daily-changing inventory and provides a clear breakdown of the cost of drugs when ordering. Despite not accepting insurance, their prices are still significantly less than what I would pay with insurance at a typical pharmacy.

For instance, I can purchase my presribed dosage of lamotrigine (250 mg) for just $31.80 plus shipping, a remarkable difference compared to what I was being asked to pay at the typical pharmacy: $596. The Mark Cuban Cost Plus has been a reliable and affordable source of medication for me, and I recommend it to anyone looking for other pharmacy options.

My epilepsy treatment is for a lifetime

Living with epilepsy, I will likely require medication for life. But there is hope in the continuous advancements, research, and development of ideas that can make life easier for those of us who are affected by seizures.

It's important to spread awareness not only about the condition but also about the challenges faced in managing it, including financial and economic factors. Let us keep striving towards finding a cure and never lose sight of that goal.

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