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Stress and anxiety triggering seizures

Stress can be hard to avoid, but our bodies can feel its impact. For some, stress or anxiety can also be a cause of seizures. And then more stress and anxiety about having seizures can pile on top of that! It can be a vicious cycle.

**Tell us: How do you manage your stress and anxiety to avoid seizures?

  1. I read a lot of books and if watching the tv i change the channel when the news media just loves to talk about the bad things happening around the world

    1. My doctor told me to avoid "avoidable stress." I do have issues when I take too much on myself. However, another issue I have is unavoidable. My primary caregiver (only one) sometimes "picks" on me and this is unavoidable of course. Very Stressful.

      1. Try to stay relaxed

        1. Drinking a lot of coffee

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