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How did you learn that menstrual cycles can impact epilepsy?

As young girls and women, our entire being changes during puberty, starting with our hormones, which can be scary, confusing, and awkward. But, for us as young girls and women, it's always an adventure: starting with emotional and mental stress, social pressures, and managing our health.

But did anyone ever explain to you that menstrual cycles can impact your epilepsy? And how having your period can potentially trigger a seizure?

Ummm. Where was the "heads up" or the "by the way"? I know I never got it!

How did you learn that menstrual cycles can impact epilepsy? Did you start experiencing issues? Did someone explain it to you?

Do you have any advice, or in need of further information?

Let's talk!

  1. This year

    1. So I also have seizures around my ovulation and a day or two before my periods. And I started taking the progesterone injection (birth control) however it hasn’t worked so I’m back to the drawing board. I’ve heard that progesterone is a seizure protector for your brain but I had a tonic-clonic seizure this morning and multiple partial seizures since I’ve had the injection so at the moment it doesn’t seem to be working. But it could work for you so I would at least try it 😀 x

      1. don’t give up hope. My seizures started in the hypothalamus and pituitary gland where I have a tumor. I went into puberty at 1 1/2 (and wasn’t diagnosed until I was 3 years old). I started my cycle within a week of my last hormone therapy injection.

    2. I skip placebos and take birth control continuously. The last 3 times my MD said take a few days off, I had seizures. Stress, sleep deprivation, high caffeine, and hormone changes seem to be my breaking point. Almost 3 years seizure free 😀

      1. When I ovulated I experienced an uplifting feeling in my stomach, I would gag sometimes but wouldn’t necessarily have a seizure. The Menopause was the worst, I couldn’t control my seizures due to stress, now I’m through the Menopause, every time I am unwell I have a Psychotic episode. We are all so different….

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