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How has epilepsy impacted your mental health?

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. And we know that one of epilepsy’s most common complications is issues with mental health.

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🧠 How has epilepsy impacted your mental health?

  1. Have a hard time with remembering things sometimes. Can get mad easily when someone says something to me, that I miss understand. Can I have a hard time going to sleep at night, get tired, and arugmentive.

    1. Because my seizures are medically under control and have been for da long while, my family esp my husband doesn’t seem to think my epilepsy is a big deal. It’s frustrating b/c I do have absence seizures still regularly, but my tonic colonic or grand mal ones have been subsided thanks to my medication. I just wish he took this ant some of my other health problems into account or at least acknowledged that he sees the problems they gave caused and cont. to do so.
      Sadly this is me….Me and my hubby

      1. I had a bad week with my epilepsy and took a few seizures

        1. I'm 61, the youngest of 9 siblings. I have TLE, since I was a child they all did acts to trigger my emotions from sad to anger. I was left out of play, family activities and history. They used my epilepsy to trigger the emotions and make fun of me. They talked behind my back like I was stupid and ignorant. Even today there is no close connection to family or friends. Not sad about it, family is just evil.

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