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First time seizure

Hi there
So i’m a first year college student and I had my first grand mal seizure a few days ago. It was pretty bad, I was shaking really violently, stopped breathing, fell off my bed and hit my head and back. Paramedics came but I didn’t go to hospital with them. My body has been really sore and it’s just been really weird the past few days. I don’t have any recollection of the seizure itself because I was unconscious and asleep before it happened (I think), but my roommates have been telling me all the details and it feels so weird hearing things about myself that I don’t remember at all but feel the effects of. I have an appointment with a neurologist in a few weeks and I am on lamictal for now, but I will sometimes (usually at night) get really bad anxiety that it will happen again. My roommate is going to see a psychologist because of how scary it was for her, and she has trouble sleeping in our dorm the last few days. I’m just really scared. I know a lot of people can just have one seizure in their lifetime, and it certainly could have been caused by random factors, but I get worried that there’s something wrong with my brain and it will happen again, especially if it happens when I’m awake and I’m more aware of it. I don’t want to be asleep again when it happens because I hate the feeling of not knowing what happened, but I also would be terrified to be awake and feel it coming or something. Just wondering if anyone has any tips . Thanks

  1. Sorry u had that happen. I have had 3 seizure in a year and a half. The most recent one was 7 days ago. I skipped my meds and was found unconscious at work in a bathroom. Unless u have an injury u don’t really need to go to hospital. Don’t skip ur meds. Get 8 hours of sleep. Avoid energy drinks. I did every test and they never found anything. I would talk with ur room mate. Educate ur self and the roommate. Stress doesn’t help.

    1. Hey, first of all I apologize if my grammar is bad, I’m a little rusty with my English . Your experience caught my attention since my first episode also was in my first year of college. I was 17 at the time and I also don’t remember much, just that I had just waken up from a nap and I was really stressed about collage stuff. I’ve had 4 more episodes since then . Im 30 now . To be honest , after I was diagnosed with epilepsy I refused to take my meds and try to distract myself by going out and drinking which is why I had the other episodes . The last one was when i was 25 and I have barely slept for 2 days partying . Since then I’ve taken my meds like I should and thank God I’m 5 years without any seizure or aura . My advice to you would be don’t get in your head with all the negative possibilities. You’re still you and this disease doesn’t define you . And don’t be afraid to tell your friends about it , if they are really your friends they will take care of you. And if they try to make fun of you , be brave and teach them that you’re a great person just by living life to the fullest and without fear. God bless

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