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Memory and Mood

I have had epilepsy my entire life. They got much worse within the last couple of years and now I have them basically controlled by anti-seizure medication. I have focal seizures and I am 30 years old. I have been slowly loosing my memories my entire life though it hasn’t been taken seriously. People automatically assume I’m talking about “normal” memory problems people usually have with epilepsy and I’m not. When I began starting to have cluster seizures I began loosing my memories quickly. ASM has not helped my memory issues, in-fact they continue to get worse and worse. NOBODY except for my husband has believed me yet. Not even my doctor… It’s very lonely. I am also struggling with ADHD, depression and anxiety. It seems to me that my focal unaware seizures have caused all of this. Money has been a big issue since right now I can’t work, don’t have insurance and can’t get the tests I need. I was just wondering, has anyone else had dementia like symptoms at this young of an age? Also, do you also have ADHD/ depression anxiety symptoms as well?

  1. Hi, I'm 41 and I have had epilepsy for 5 and a half years. My memory is pretty bad, I forgot directions, sometimes forget why I went to a store and what I was getting, I usually forget someone's name right after getting it...thankfully I have a partner who helps me. I have to write things down, but even then I forget where I wrote it or even where I put the pad that I'd written it. I take B1 to help and it does a little.

    1. Hi there,

      I go through memory loss as well. Since my medication has. been increased my memory has gotten worse. I take certain vitamins to help me. I do write down things in my notes to remember. Also, speak with your healthcare provider about your memory.

      Here are some articles

      Derra Howard
      Epilepsy Team Leader

  2. Hi there, I have been having epilepsy since the age of 9. I do struggle with my memory a bit. Now, I do think it is the medication. I take a lot of vitamins to help with memory and I journal a lot. Here is an article for memory loss.
    I'm sorry you feel like your provider isn't listening to your complaints about memory. One thing we must do is advocate for ourselves. Ask your doctor to run further tests. Here is an article about being your own advocate.
    We all go through times when we are out of work. Have you considered disability benefits? They are a tremendous help. Here is an article about disability benefits.
    I hope I was able to help! Have a great evening. Derra Howard, Epilepsy Team Member

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