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Anyone else tired of losing teeth from grinding them during a seizure or worse biting through your tongue?

The pain of it or worse explaining to others why you have missing teeth or can hardly talk after biting through your tongue Ouch!!!

  1. Obviously, you realize that people with epilepsy have difficulty balancing human life life with their seemingly unhuman epilepsy. Epilepsy destroys goals, and leaves one, like a religious bigot, with only faith. I'm not a tool to be used to explain epilepsy. I have worked with mentally ill adults, and I would never blame them for their episodes. But you say that if I had a seizure, it was triggered by my actions, because you assumed I was ignorant and thus didn't know what triggers seizures.

    1. It sucks when you bite the side of your tongue and then it hurts to speak or take pills (which, with epilepsy, you take hella pills). Often during seizures my bottom lip gets pressed against my bottom teeth such that it cuts open my bottom lip. It sucks to be like, "I an't eally pronus suff." The worst part is that most/all epilepsy medications are anti-calcium and so they rot your teeth (Dilantin is famous). Thus, a year free of full on grand mals, I went tonic but not tonic-clonic, and falling on my face, as usual, I broke 3 front top teeth on the carpet.

      1. , so sorry to hear that you've experienced this too. We hope you are feeling better from this experiencing and are managing the best you can. Hopefully your doctor/care team has been able to suggest some ways of coping through these effects.
        Warmly, Kailah H, Epilepsy Team Member

    2. , this must be such a painful part of enduring epilepsy - I am so sorry. Have you spoken to your doctor or care team about trying to manage these risk factors for your seizures? Perhaps this might be a great first step for you.

      I found this article onsite that I thought might be helpful to you:

      I truly hope you're able to find some sort of relief in managing this. Please keep us updated!

      Kailah H, Epilepsy Team Member

      1. Rather than me addressing my actually possible risk factors, what do you mean by "these risk factors"? Did I say I did something dangerous?

      2. Hi , my comment about risk factors was for the other community member who mentioned their risk factors within their post. You do not say anything dangerous! I hope this clarifies my comment.
        Warmly, Kailah H, Epilepsy Team Member

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