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detection of epilepsy

Hi All, it is about 21 years since I suffered epileptic seizures, these days I try to use my condition to not go to military service, because in my country if the military finds you have epilepsy they do not let you have service in the military.
the situation is somehow complicated because sometimes my EEG does not show epilepsy but after the test or days after I have seizures.
this week I have to go to the military hospital to take an EEG test and I want to know how I can show them I have epilepsy in my test.

  1. Hi there! I bet this is extremely frustrating to navigate through. I found a few articles on site that might be helpful as you try to advocate for yourself in getting properly diagnosed. This might be an appropriate time to seek a second opinion. I hope the following links are helpful!

    All my best, Kailah (Epilepsy Team Member)

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