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Work and epilepsy

My partner had a seizure and had a 6 month driving ban. It is not confirmed epilepsy as he is having tests. His work have called tests over 3 days to ensure he is capable of his job. A lot of his job does involve driving but he has been using public transport. However part of his job requires a licence. He is obviously worried it may lead to him losing his job- has anyone experienced anything similar? Any advice would be appreciated.

  1. That's want terrifies me. I need my job and need to drive. I'm going to the hospital to participate in a week of testing. I pray that I won't have to have my license taken away forever. Has anyone had their license taken away forever? I had 1 seizure in April 2021 and 1 in November 2023.

    1. Welcome to the club. Having a DL is like holding a golden key. However, he should talk with his doctor about that and what he or she wants him to do. Just tell him to be open with his doctor and compare notes. If the can obtain something in writing or provide a POC, it could strengthen his side a lot more.

      1. I always felt that I had to try harder and do better to prove myself because I have epilepsy. About twenty years ago, I was in between paralegal jobs, so I applied at a local cigarette shop here in town. I have always told my employers about my epilepsy. The owner of this shop told me he thought I would be a good fit because of my previous experience with people and handling cash. I started out at Hardee's as a teen. I had also worked at Wal Mart. When I told this guy about my epilepsy, he told me straight to my face that he never would have hired me if he had known that. I worked for him for a couple of months while still applying for paralegal positions. Then all of a sudden, I was fired, no reason given. One of the interviews I had was with a U. S. attorney. After the interview, she said that she liked me because I had "moxie" to use her terms. However, I later received a letter stating that she could not hire me because my previous employer had fired me "with cause". The cause given was that I could not handle money or get along with the public. I knew that wasn't why and wanted to sue. However, my husband convinced me that it wouldn't look so great on my work record that I had taken an employer to court. I didn't know just then what he had put down as the reason, and that didn't look great on my work record, either.

        1. That is such an unfair situation. I can't imagine how frustrating it was. Have you since been able to find a job that is a good fit for you with an understanding employer? Warmly, Corene (Team member)

      2. Good morning my name is Lee Anne. I was fired from my job because while walking to the class room. I had one of my galactic seizures. She asked if I was ok. I said yes, I just a seizure. When, she was on her way out. She told the director that she didn't want me working there any more because of my epilepsy. She didn't believe it was right. The next day I walked in, and was fired I asked why. The director explained that the mom that saw me have a seizure does not want me to work here anymore. So, call Rob, so he can come and pick you up. Went to a lawyer that my husband used work for. We won because they couldn't prove that they were right. So, they owned me what rhe court to them. They lost!!!!!

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