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What are the best glasses for photosensitive epilepsy?

My 15 y.o. daughter has photosensitive epilepsy and with polarized glasses we can keep under control. She wears them whenever is sunny and she had had no more seizures.

She is a teenager and she wants to wear cool sunglasses that are not available with polarized glasses, but there are other technologies that maybe they are ok with photosensitivity (for example, LST, VARIO...).

My question is the following: Has someone experience with no polarized glasses and photosensitivity? Very dark glasses will be also ok, even though they are not polarized?

  1. A few years ago I showed this article to me eye doctor. After testing several colors, she found that a combination of blue and purple reduced light reflection in my eye lenses. She ordered my prescription glasses with that tint which helped me.

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