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Types of seizures

I had dajavu for the first 40 or so years and never knew. Finally found out and they changed went from conscious to unconscious and peed my pants, had to happen at work so embarrassing and that's the way it was after I started my new job. Then they changed again to me having them in bed wet when I wake up. Now they've changed again. Husband says I wake up now screaming for my life, don't remember anything. Got on medicine and after 3 months just had 2 more within 72 hours and both different were different. They keep changing Everytime I've had 3 MRI done everything looked normal. Probably have to be having one to find anything... My first visit the head doc isn't until end of June or July. Just wondering what I could learn about it a little more before I go. Pls tell me what type of seizures do y'all have and side effects. thank yall

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