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Seizures with no medical answers

I have been having seizure episodes for a little over 2 years now. Some times they mimic gran mal seizures and other times it will mimic absence seizures. I have seen multiple neurologists over the course of the last 2 years, I have had every test that I know of (MRI, CT Scans, and EEG). To date I have yet to receive any answers from what is causing these episodes to occur. I did have multiple seizures during the EEG in which the doctors have said that there was no activity recorded from the brain to indicate what causes the episodes. Basically, they gave up trying to find the answers and the neurologists told me that I still can’t drive and the normal medicines won’t work for me so they told me there was nothing further that they could do to help me. I am desperate at this point. I need to find a doctor that won’t give up on finding an answer for me. Has anyone else ever experienced this that can give me some ideas on how to advocate for myself better?

  1. I’m in ur same boat. 3rd now in a little over a year. No answers just questions and meds

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