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Postictal timeline

How long do some people go through recovering from a seizure? It takes me approximately two weeks to get back to myself.

  1. I’ve had 3 seizures in almost a year. I recover quickly except for one I had 6 days ago. I still feel light headed with brain fog. Thinking of not going to work till symptoms clear up. Anyone else had that. Going on day 7 of brain fog/light headed.

    1. in addition to the article Corene shared, I thought this one may resonate with you as well How have you been doing this week? Have you had a seizure recently? Sending well wishes, Julie (team member)

      1. Thanks for being here and asking your question . Hopefully some of our members can chime in with their experiences soon. In the meantime, one of our Heath Leaders wrote about her experience with recovery. If you are interested in reading it, you can find it here:

        Also I noticed your username defaulted to one of our generic names. If you want to personalize it to something that feels more like you, you can do that by clicking on the icon in the upper right corner and then go to "Account settings"

        Please let me know if I can help or answer anything else for you! Warmly, Corene (Team member)

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