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Nocturnal seizures

Hi has anyone else had these and none whilst awake ?

  1. I have nocturnal seizures. Both of my tonic clonics have been during my sleep. Thankfully I was around others and they were able to help me. The majority of seizures focal seizures are during the day. I didn't realize that I was having any at night until I did my overnight EEG study. The nurses would come running in and be asking me all these questions and I was like what's going on? Nothing happened so why are you here? After the study, we found out I was having a bunch of seizures in my sleep and had never realized it. Now, a year later, I can tell a bit better if I've had them based off my what I know I experience in my auras. It's rough though, knowing this stuff is going on and you don't really have a way to know. I hope you're able to figure out what's going on! Know you're supported and not alone.

    1. Check and see if she has sleep apnea

      1. Yes I only get nocturnal seizures. If I lived alone I would never have known that I had epilepsy.

        1. My 16 yr old daughter had her first seizure this past June. Had another the next day. They have all been nocturnal - 5am-ish. Our journey began. She has been on Keppra 3500mg with relative success until last week. She had a clonic-tonic DURING THE DAY for the first time and again a day later. We have switched her medication to Lamictal starting at 12.5mg at night for two weeks. They titrate it slowly to avoid potential rash.

      2. while you wait for others to share their experiences, I thought you may like some additional information on nocturnal seizures I hope you’re doing well. -Julie (team member)

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