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I never knew epilepsy meant anything besides someone who shook with seizures… never knew of diff type of seizures never heard of memory loss…. Boy oh boy a year and half ago I learned quickly all seizures don’t shake some are just the opposite…. And I have amnesia severely now. I’m struggling to find help to get myself back to my full mental capacity. I was an executive manager earning 140k yearly. Was fired and now can’t keep my self on track long enough to apply interview and accept a new role if I try. Anyone else have severe memory issues???

  1. Wow, you’ve explained me absolutely identically. I’m kinda in awe. But I do Hope you find some relief and feel Better quickly. I’m not going to give up until I find help. The drs I have treat the seizures only none have shown concern or effort to treat my memory or personality or vocabulary effects.

    1. I am exactly the same. I have temporal lobe epilepsy and my memory has gotten worse to the point I even asked my daughter did she think I had dementia. I cant remember past events or sometimes the sentence Ive just spoken. I cant find the right word for things and often say something completely different. If Im taking notes at a meeting I cant catch up with the end of a sentence and end up with unfinished scribbled notes that look like a 5yr old has written. Same with adding up - even simple maths become difficult.
      I really feel for you as it effects every part of our lives. Im researching ways to battle it. Take comfort in the fact you are not alone or going mad.

      1. also am Searching ways to battle the best I can and won’t give up until I do. I recently connected with a program that I am on waiting list to start. Best wishes and prayers for you today. I just don’t understand why more medical professionals don’t focus on the mental illness that follow along with the seizures.

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    3. Bad. I'm 40 and have dealt with grand mals since I was 16, but had Petit mals throughout childhood.

      I'm 6 feet tall and don't always know when they're coming. If they happen while I'm standing my body gets rigid, I fall, and my head bounces off the ground. As a result my Neurologist figures I've had around 30 concussions.

      I have difficulty forming new memories. I'm constantly losing things. My son is 11, but I don't really remember him being little.

      An excited friend reminiscing about these fun things we've done together, while I nod along with a smile because I don't remember any of it.

      For a long time I could still remember things from my youth really well. The memories of growing up were there, but now even those are drifting away.

      My vocabulary has taken a hit, which is frustrating.

      It's hard. It affects our lives all day everyday. Try not to let it get you down and know that you are absolutely the only one dealing with memory problems. You aren't alone in this; I promise.

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