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Does anyone know when they are going to have a seizure?


  1. Thank God, I have siezure dog. If something wrong me, he will smelled my leg

    1. Interesting ?. When I first started intense grand mal seizures (40) I had dejevu each time. I knew what would come next, but sometimes too fast. Had a lot of seizure activity prior (17 on up). Kept no info of auro or dejevu? Cause I didn't know what I was feeling. Got under control after many med changes and yrs.Then had no seizures for many years and about 3 years ago (62) a few breakthrough seizures happened. Always felt the aura. Added another med. Clear for 3 more yrs. so far.

      1. So glad to hear you've been seizure-free for 3 years. 💜 And so interesting about your auras/dejavu. I know some folks experience them and others don't, but it definitely seems like there is less awareness of what they are among the community. I wonder if doctors have been less likely to discuss aura symptoms with patients or if there is just less knowledge around them, in general? It sounds like you've identified what your auras feel like, which is great, and hopefully that's helpful if you ever feel a seizure coming on again. But wishing you continued seizure freedom! Take care, Colleen (Epilepsy team member)

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