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Do flashing lights displays in malls , at stores , at events , bother you during the holidays season ?

Has anyone else noticed a increase in flashing blinking lights on tv shows etc? How do you navigate , holiday light displays in malls , at events if you are susceptible to migraines , seizures etc ?

Are you aware , that every year on December 23 , there is a campaign called #Lightstostill . The campaign was started by a grandmother in Australia who is Advocating for her grandson & others who are sensitive to flashing lights , images etc .
The idea behind the lights to still campaign ( Dec.23rd ) - annually is to ask folks to switch their holiday lights off flashing to solid , so those who are seizure or migraine or any other health issue , may be able to go out and enjoy holidays without the added health stresses for at least one day.

Share your thoughts ..

Holiday Lights to Still , Dec. 23rd

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