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I was diagnosed with epilepsy 10 years ago and have 3 seizures since. The last seizure was one where my entire chest felt like it was on fire and afterwards I became so disoriented not knowing where I was, feeling dizzy and more. Has anyone ever had this feeling?

  1. Hi! I also have epilepsy. When I had my 2 tonic-clonic seizures I was disoriented and just had this "cloudy" feeling for days. I was so tired and confused. Now days, I don't have tonic-clonic seizures but i do have partial seizures. It's really common for me to become disoriented when having them. If I'm talking with someone when I have one (I usually have feelings of nausea and will "space out"/ not be cognizant for a minute or so) it can take 5-10 minutes for me to feel fully back and normal. Sometimes I even have to ask what we were talking about if it was a really intense seizure. I have found I tend to get disoriented faster in general too. Definitely not the most fun!

    1. Hi there! I have epilepsy as well. Seizures have various side effects. I don't experience the burning of the chest. But when I have a grand mal or tonic-clonic seizure, I get disoriented afterward. I don't remember anything. I usually feel dizzy before and afterward. It takes me hours to truly recover from those seizures.

      Hope I've helped.

      Derra Howard
      Epilepsy Team Member

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