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We understand that living with epilepsy can be difficult, so we'd like to create a safe space where you can share what's the hardest about managing epilepsy. Tell us, when were you diagnosed with epilepsy? Can you share what your diagnosis experience was like?

  1. At 14 had my first seizure while staying with my Gram's. It scared my Mom, she lost a bit of her finger! After 2 days in ICU, I went home. Mom was a bit embarrassed, so it took awhile for me to see a Dr. My first Dr said it was all in my head, pseudo seizure, and gave me no meds. Mom agreed, I had occasional issues for a few years. I was finally diagnosed and put on meds after I had a severe episode resulting in a concussion and a brain bleed. I'm 50 now, have a great Dr, and still have a seizure once in a while. Elephants  remind me of strength and love.

    1. Hello @Shakergirl,

      Thank you so much for sharing your diagnosis story with us. We are thrilled that you've found the epilepsy community. We sincerely hope this can serve as a resource to you and a space where you feel comfortable to share and engage! So happy to hear that your current healthcare team and treatment plan seem to be working for you. Please continue to share with us as you wish.

      Wishing you all the best!

      Kailah H(Epilepsy Team Member)

  2. Anita,

    Thank you so much for sharing your diagnosis story with the community! We are grateful to have you a part of our community. Wishing you the very best.

    Kailah H(Epilepsy Team Member)

    1. I was diagnosed just a little over a year ago at the age of 50. Results were that I have had generalized seizures my entire life. How I went almost a lifetime without a diagnosis is beyond shocking. My entire world changed shortly thereafter. I ensured, I found a way to manage my Epilepsy and not allow it to define my future. Wasn't an easy task, but nonetheless, I am currently able to manage.

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