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Controlling My Seizures

Hi again,
Has anyone tried to control their seizures with a possitve effect?
I ask this as when I was in my late 40s and when experiencing an aura I tried to see if calming my thoughts would help to stop the seizure getting worse. It isn't easy but believe me it does seem to work.
Just think that you are in a calm place where you would so love to be and picture yourself there.
I put myself on a beach with palm trees around looking out onto a warm sea and watching the waves.
Of course this may not be everyone's calm place but do try it

Cath 5

  1. I had 3 brain surgeries and they did not help. My seizures have gotten worse and it can not go many places by myself. Because, my family does not know if I will be all right. Like yesterday, I went to church and got on so I could take commun. And when I, was done. I went to go back to my seat, and I could not remember where it was. A woman that I was sitting behind, noticed and came helped me back to my seat. I was sitting right behind her. Tha k God for her.

    1. Had multiple surgeries and can’t seem to get them under control. left temporal lobe surgery, VNS implant

      1. do you get a warning?

    2. I am so glad to read that surgery now has improved to make you free of seizures.
      I had surgery in 1970 so the guinea pig age. My surgeon invented the surgery for temporal lobe epilepsy but it was all done manually in those days without scans etc so surgery was not so successful as it seems to be today. Many of us had around 2 to 3 years free of seizures but when they returned they were lighter and easier to control.

      1. My seizures are under control because I also had brain surgery. I feel it’s the best thing I could have done.

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