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Can words e.g. CBT reduce seizures?


Until last year these "attacks" I'm having were happening roughly once every fortnight - which was just about bearable but had been less frequently previously.

Then last year someone said something personal about me to me that I found distressing. Instantly my attacks went from being fortnightly to almost daily. It has been this bad for 9 months now and I've had attacks the last 4 days.

If these attacks are epilepsy then they are focal aware seizures. They only last 2 seconds - it feels like a rush of blood/adrenaline for no apparent reason. Then I feel tired afterwards and sometimes forget what stage I at was with the task I was doing.

Back to the question: The neuro has told me to add Briviact to the Lamotrigine I was already taking. I don't like the prospect of taking further medication.

If words can make my seizures rocket from fortnightly to daily, then is there any reason why words shouldn't also be able to have the opposite affect?

Has anyone here seen a sustained reduction in their seizures purely as a result of receiving CBT or other talking therapy?


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