Debilitating Medication Side Effects: Chronic Nausea

Navigating the delicate balance between health and medication side effects is an ongoing challenge, one faced daily by many individuals with chronic conditions.

In my personal journey with epilepsy, the introduction of a new medication dosage has brought along its fair share of discomfort, particularly in the form of persistent nausea and occasional vomiting.

Life without epilepsy medication side effects...

Imagine entering a peaceful bedroom, an oasis of comfort and tranquility. The ambiance is set with soft, muted lighting that casts a warm glow across the room, creating a serene atmosphere. The centerpiece of the room is a queen-size bed adorned with pristine, high-thread-count sheets that beckon you to indulge in a night of undisturbed sleep.

The bed is a haven of opulence, layered with a plush, white down comforter that exudes the perfect combination of bleach and Downy softener, promising to cocoon you in softness. The pillows, carefully arranged and fluffed to perfection, invite you to sink into a sea of comfort. Against one wall, a nightstand holds a glass of refreshing water.

The reality of side effects

Now, let's introduce subtle yet significant adjustments that transform this peaceful scene into a practical haven for managing medication side effects.

The once-plush white comforter is replaced by a thin sheet, allowing for better temperature control and mitigating the discomfort of nausea-induced hot flashes. The water is swapped for cold tea to help with the nausea without increasing my body temperature.

The worse side effect? Nausea.

A lined trashcan finds its place near the bedside, a practical addition for those moments when vomiting becomes an unwelcome reality. The bed is strategically moved from the center of the room, placing my half directly under the fan to help with my hot flashes. Inside the pillowcase of my comfy pillow is an ice pack to further alleviate nausea-induced hot flashes.

In this refined setting, anti-nausea meds take pride of place on the nightstand, accompanied by an as-needed anti-anxiety medication. These pharmaceutical allies stand ready to shield against the discomfort that accompanies medication side effects, forming an integral part of the delicate balancing act.

The room, once reserved for serene calm, becomes a sanctuary that adapts to the nuances of health management.

But I need my medication to control seizures

But not taking my medication – and risking seizures – is simply not an option. So amidst the struggles, the quest for a solution becomes imperative. Coping mechanisms become essential, and in my case, I've found solace in various strategies to alleviate persistent nausea.

Long, cold showers and sleeping under the fan provide relief during hot flashes, while an ice pack becomes a welcomed companion for those moments when comfort is paramount. A specially crafted tincture, Korean Lemon Honey Tea, prepared by my mother, has proven not only effective but also a tasty remedy. Peppermint tea becomes a go-to beverage, providing a refreshing alternative to water, which unfortunately tends to exacerbate the nausea.

Coping with nausea as best I can

On days when the nausea becomes overwhelming, and vomiting ensues, the familiar friend Zofran makes a return, reminiscent of days dealing with hyperemesis (excessive nausea and vomiting during pregnancy). While the vomiting isn't as severe, the consistent nausea poses its own set of challenges, at times making daily activities daunting.

Asking the doctor about my care plan

The struggle, however, is not without hope. A pending doctor's appointment brings anticipation for a potential adjustment to the care plan, offering a glimmer of relief from the ongoing battle with side effects.

The delicate balance between enduring the discomfort and exploring alternatives is a decision that requires careful consideration and collaboration with my doctor.

Seizure risk vs. side effects

As the journey continues, the million-dollar question lingers: Persevere with the medications and their less-than-ideal side effects? Or take the leap of faith into the unknown by weaning off, risking potential consequences? The nausea has had a tendency to be debilitating these past couple of days. What is the better of two evils?

I am grateful to be able to speak with my doctor and hopefully create a new care plan or figure out how to better manage this current plan.

Always remember, you are not alone.

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