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Types of Epilepsy

What type of epilepsy were you diagnosed with?

  1. Gelastic, Grand mal, Petite mal and Complex partial

    1. how have you been managing lately? -Julie (team member)

  2. Tonic clonic grand mall

    1. temporal lobe

      1. thank you so much for sharing! how are you doing? Hoping that all is well with you in your journey. All the best, Kailah (Epilepsy Team Member)

    2. All that I know is that I have granmal seizures & when they did the EEG 11 years ago after my daughter was born he said he didn't know any triggers & wasn't sure why I have seizures due to my brain waves only slightly being off so he diagnosed me with epilepsy & said I would be on medication the rest of my life

      1. wow! thank you so much for sharing with the community. How are you currently doing? Wishing you all the best. Warmly, Kailah (Team member)

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