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My experience with Smart Monitor Inspyre

Dear Mods, I did read the rules. Being as this isn't an attack against a person nor even an attack against the company I'm hoping this is okay. This post isn't from anger. It really is a warning. Anger was yesterday. Now I'm just sharing in my free time here and there because I don't believe they should be allowed to continue this practice.

This is about "Smart Monitor Insypre" as in the title.

First, ultimately thanks to my doctors over the past 5 years most of my seizures have been taken care of so I don't need this near as much but I still want to warn people. I was going to cancel it. That's WHAT I WAS ATTEMPTING but they won't let me hence this post. When I was trying to remove my private information before cancelling and couldn't, it was the final straw.

I had status epilepticus one year during my sleep. Luckily my wife was home that night (she works nights).
Long story short they had to put me into a medical coma for a while.
They told her to expect me to possibly die OR very likely be unable to walk or be a vegatable and I'm not being insensitive. That was literally what they told her. "vegetable"...

So, I bought a smart watch, a newer cell phone and their app (highest tier, monthly).
Mind you from my epilepsy my business had crashed. She had to take off work during the coma for the kids.
We weren't doing great financially.

Moving on at first it worked alright.
After a while they quit allowing our devices to make calls when we have seizures.
It has to route through their third party .. whatever. We're not allowed to know.
They say google doesn't allow calls through it's api ... Lie.
Many apps still make calls directly. I write code for a living including apps.
You may have one on your Android right now. I don't like lies. Two issues but we'll call it ISSUE #1

You cannot cancel from the site at all which is ISSUE #2 but a light one and not totally unusual.

The big problem is they have a supposed way to "edit" and "delete" cards you enter on their site.

The problem is, it doesn't take!

The Delete button is a friggin dummy! IT IS FAKE!
"Error 404".
I looked at the code in my browser. It uses a kind of code I do regularly so I found the local change needed fixed in the browser in seconds.
It does remove them in my browser but they made it not remove them in the back end. It tricks you into thinking they're gone when they're not.

The company straight up will not allow us to delete our cards. THEY DISABLED THE CODE IN THE BACK END. HOW DO I KNOW? I HAVE EMAILS.
She is aware. Also, their code has blocks they comment out to disable stuff. Multiple things like editing cards don't work on the page. It's because the javascript is commented out. A coder would understand that it's simple. You can comment out a massive chunk of code with four symbols "/**/"

I've mentioned these issues for 5 years and they refuse to fix them. Literally.

I have recent emails from a Desirea Leaf at the company acknowledging the above in plain english. 5 years.

Also in those emails she was told not to charge the cards any more. FURTHER. My card that was charged this month ... was not my active card.

I have video proof of me looking through the local code in chromium on linux real quick. No remote hacking or anything. Nothing illegal.

But... It's a shady company taking advantage of disabled epileptics.

I have video of what I saw in my browser.
I have video of my changing my active card.
I have the emails of her admitting the button just tricks us. I have a bank statement showing them charge a card that wasn't set active and that I specifically (also have proof) emailed them saying not to charge but she did days later and emailed me RIGHT after saying something like "if we've had issues for 5 years do you want to cancel?" ....

Please for now, get the FDA approved one if you can or another solution.

In my opinion, they caused more stress than they prevented. I seized yesterday dealing with them. I'm making a point of not getting annoyed today because they're not worth it.

There's a lot more over those 5 years. Filling it all in would make it sound like I'm on an uber-super-crazy-rant more than it already may.

If for some reason they pop in saying it wasn't 5 years, I had three different emails with them over 5 years due to spam. The contact I have just doesn't seem to read what I send.

  1. we're so sorry to hear about your experience with this company / app. I'm not sure if other community members have used this application before and have their own personal experience with it, but I do hope you're able to find an alternative that helps you with seizure detection and tracking.
    Wishing you all the best, Mike! Warmly, Kailah (Epilepsy Team Member)

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