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I have found the only medication that works is Trokendi XR and I am on Medicare and my prescription program covers it but it’s $978 for 30 pills and I have asked and written to every program out there in the manufacture for help and I can’t seem to get it I don’t know where to turn to does anyone know of any program

  1. sonexus health

    1. My doctors fill the firms out for me and submit directly to the pharmaceutical companies for me. All of my medications are covered at no cost & mailed directly tly to me.
      Your doctors absolutely can do this for you.

      1. have YOUR DOCTOR sign a letter for you. They have the forms in the office.

        1. I completely understand this dilemma. Your medication is essential!! This is what I learned over the years. Try Costco. You don't need a membership to go to the pharmacy. The prices they have are incredibly reduced. (I don't use insurance there.) I went to Walgreens once for an emergency. Five pills of Lamictal cost over $100. Then I went to Costco and was able to get my entire prescription. It cost me $40. I do highly recommend calling Costco a head of time to verify the price. Another resource:
          I hope these are helpful for you.
          Warmest regards,
          Gabrielle F, Moderator

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