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Menstruation and Epilepsy

Do you have more epilepsy symptoms during menstruation? Well, I do. I hate my period because my epilepsy auras increase. I also have seizures more during my period. It's terrible. I'm not sure why it's such a seizure trigger. It has been almost 15 years of me fighting with my epilepsy during this time of the month.

Here's what I do to reduce my seizures during periods.

Avoiding increased seizures during my period

I have my menstruation calendar on my phone. I always check a week before my period, and I always finish my work before my menstruation starts. I don't want to be stressed or think about my work during my period. I need to rest for 2 days.

I will also take my "emergency" medicine to control my seizures. It's called clobazam, and I will take it 2 days before and during my menstruation. It's more powerful than my other medicine (carbamazepine). Carbamazepine is for my normal days my emergency medicine is taken if I feel my aura of epilepsy is high.

Next, I will not use my phone or watch movies for too long. The light of the phone and television makes my head hurt and I will have a high aura. So I go for long walks or read books to calm my brain and body.

Taking care of me

Nature heals me. It calms me. I always feel better after walking around the park filled with tall trees. Allowing the wind to blow on my face brings many good memories and reminds me of the gift of presence I'm living for. Wind reminds me of confidence, fearlessness, and celebration of freedom. It reminds me I'm a mystery to myself and epilepsy will not take me down.

I avoid cooking during menstruation because the heat gives me terrible headaches and it triggers my epilepsy. I keep myself in cooler temperatures. I also avoid crowded places because I can feel like I'm losing my breath. To be honest, I isolate myself during this time of the month. I want to be comfortable and take care of my body.

Surviving my period with epilepsy

Menstruation cramps are another nightmare. I take herbal medicine and painkillers to relieve my cramps, which typically take 2 days to heal. Cramps and epilepsy are definitely not my favorite, but I have no choice but to face them. Sometimes I think about how much strength it takes to be a woman with epilepsy. It takes a brave heart, a warrior.

Do you have a similar experience with menstruation and epilepsy, too? Please share in the comments below!

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