Time For Medication

Time to talk about sticking to taking medication at the correct time. Now that I am seizure-free with medication, the feeling of being consistent with my meds is great. I have more clarity and focus.

Unfortunately, from time to time, we have all been on the other end of this. For me, this has been happening a lot more recently. I have a teething little girl. She's so adorable, but around 11 pm and 2 am she has been waking up. This has happened almost every night for the last 2 weeks.

My epilepsy medication routine

I naturally wake up very early in the morning, even if I've had very little sleep. In the morning, I like to start a little classwork before my baby and husband wake up. With little sleep, I love having coffee with my husband when he wakes up. It's a nice relaxing way for us to start our day together. Then I walk into the bathroom and stare at the closed medicine cabinet.

Next, the spinning thoughts happen: "Did I close the cabinet after I took my medication? Did I even open the cabinet to take my medication?"

Until about 4 weeks ago, decreased sleep would not have impacted my ability to stay on track with my medication. I wouldn't feel good. I'd still feel foggy, but I wouldn't have too many of the other side effects. I definitely wouldn't miss my medication or take it late.

A change in my medication routine

Currently, my husband and I are getting licensed to be foster care parents. A requirement is to have ALL medication – even vitamins – locked away. This means my routine of how my medication is organized was changed after years of the same order. Now it's time to try a new method.

I just purchased a pill dispenser from Amazon that connects to my phone. It also locks so I don't have to worry about violating any regulations. I am so excited to get back to being consistent with my medication and feeling more consistent clarity.

Missing or delaying epilepsy meds

My side effects for missed doses include:

  • Lightheaded/dizzy/vertigo/foggy feeling
  • Nauseous
  • Extremely sleepy
  • Anxious

The Cleveland Clinic recommends that when you take your medication late to then push back your next dose by the same amount of time that the dose was taken late. For example, if you've taken your medication 2 hours late, take it immediately and then take your next dose 2 hours after its normally scheduled time.1

I 100% follow this rule. I have also been told this by my personal neurologist.

What are your side effects for missing or taking your medication late? What are you doing to stay on track or keep on track?

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