I Had A Seizure And Broke My Foot

I was rushing down the stairs at my apartment complex and had a seizure. Mind you all, I live on the third floor of my apartment complex. I never thought it was a problem until now. Until I had a seizure going down the staircase. I caught myself and caught the railing of the staircase. Nevertheless, I kept going with my day...

A seizure, a fall, and a broken bone

But by the time I got home and took my shoes off – I could not walk. My left foot was swollen and hurting like it never hurt before. I tried to get up off the sofa and I was holding on to the walls in my apartment to get around. The first thing I did was call my parents because I am a big baby. Then my cousin who lives 5 minutes away from me. Finally, my boyfriend to let him know because he was away on business.

My parents live an hour away from me. They told me to go to the emergency room right away, so I did. I requested an Uber and slowly walked down the stairs of my apartment. I got into the Uber and rode to the emergency room. Once I saw a doctor, I was told I fractured a bone on the top of my foot. The doctor made a cast and wrapped my foot with a splint. The next day, I went to a podiatrist and he put me in a boot.

When a seizure leads to injury

Hear more about my experience in the video below:


Have you ever broken a bone because of a seizure?

I hope not! But I hope you'll share any of your own experiences with seizure injuries in the comments below. And stay safe!

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