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An Interview With My Boyfriend and How He Copes With My Epilepsy

Dating with epilepsy can really be hard to maneuver at times. For some people, it can be a dealbreaker, and that's okay. However, if you meet the right person and continue to put yourself first, you can do it. It will become easier and easier as time goes on.

Dating with epilepsy

My boyfriend's name is Ryan. Before thinking about dating, he and I have been platonic friends for over a decade. We would hang out every few months or so. Then 1 day he was straightforward with me. He told me he wanted to date me. I said okay, let's try it.

Now, we are a few months in and we are still having fun. During the first month of us dating I was getting ready to attend an event, but I started to get a dizzy spell. He wasn't scared and stayed by my side. After it was over, he drove me to my event.

The other day, I decided to sit my boyfriend down so we could talk about my epilepsy. I wanted to know if my epilepsy played any role in him being with me or not. Since we met over a decade ago, he knew I had epilepsy and where I am in my journey. I also asked him about seizure safety and what advice he could give to someone that wants to date someone with epilepsy. Check it all out in the video below.

What's it like dating a woman with epilepsy?

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