I’m 19 and trying to start accepting myself

I had my first seizure when I was 13. I’m 18 now and still have trouble and sometimes feel very embarrassed for having a seizure in front of my friends or classmates. I had seizure twice in class in front of all my friends, teacher and classmates. Most of them were very nice and trying to make me feel not embarrassed. But I still have those millions of thoughts about what they talk about it behind my back.

Having a seizure while at a friends house

I’m staying over a friend’s house for the first time today and had a seizure right after waking up. I was screaming unconsciously and started walking out of the room. Her dad came to see what’s wrong and I babbled so much unconsciously.

I really shouldn't feel embarrassed by my epilepsy

I’m still extremely embarrassed but also realizing I should start accepting myself and not feel sorry about it. I think having your surroundings aware of it is the most important thing so they know what to do and stop caring what negative things people think of me.

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