Epilepsy on Father's Day 2020

I'm a step father of 3 teens, and a father of twin girls (5yrs old). I was excited all day to get off work and spend the remainder of fathers day with my kids and fiance. We had a great day and all I remember was being extremely tired once I put the twins to bed peacefully I laid myself down.

It was a great Father's Day

Great fathers day, kids were resting and house was quiet. I lay down and find myself abruptly being waken by EMT's, police officers and first responders and my fiance off to the side crying. I woke confused and bloody, I couldn't remember my name or where I was.

The emotional pain following my seizure experience

The pain I saw in my finance's face and within my children that night is something I try my hardest to prevent. But every time I go to lay down this thought of tonight it could happen occurs so I try to maneuver around the fact I have nocturnal tonic clonic seizures.

My experience with epilepsy has not been easy

My seizures started off once every other month to monthly to weekly seizures despite 8 different medications all of which made me feel withdrawn and totally opposite of who I use to be. I struggle, I cry and constantly try to weather each storm as they come.

My life has been changed forever

My fathers day gift 2020 was one that changed my life in every aspect and has impacted those who love me. I try each day to learn how to manage life and epilepsy to prevent the pain, not for myself but for those who love me and endure the fear of me going into a seizure at anytime day or night.

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