What are Pill Organizers or Blister Packs?

Anyone with a chronic illness including epilepsy, or anyone who takes any type of medication at certain times of the day, probably already know it's a challenge on taking the dose on time, on said day, all depends on what the doctor has set especially for your unique care. And if you take more than 1 medication at a said time, pill organizers and med blister packs are a tremendous help.

These organizers help my daughter

My daughter uses a daily pill organizer for her anti seizure medicine, we find it so much easier than the meds sitting in a pill bottle, the dates are Monday - Sunday, she or I can reload her meds into the pill organizer once a week, easier for her to remember to take said dose. Sometimes she forgets but most times it works.

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Medical blister packs

As for med blister packs, these are great for going away on trips, like camp etc,. The pharmacy puts all the info on the blister pack, we found this great when my daughter was away from home overnight, that way the people entrusted in caring for her, made sure she got the right dose. A little bit less stressful. A special note to take into consideration is that usually pharmacies do charge a dispensing fee on blister packs, so be sure to ask. Pill organizers on the other-hand, can be found at dollar stores or can be ordered online depending on what type you're specially looking for.

A caregivers perspective

In all, I find the pill organizers and blister med packs a huge help and relief for my daughter who takes meds daily, and also for me. Check with your local pharmacy in your community to see if a blister med pack or a pill organizer would be right for your unique health journey. Pharmacists are a wealth of information, when the doctors are super busy. If you're courious on what a medicine blister pack looks like here it is:
This is a photo of what a Blister packs for meds looks like

I hope this content helps you!

Signed Lorrie F
(caregiver, writer, blogger)

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