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Finally Diagnosed with Epilepsy

I was finally diagnosed at the age of 29 after being passed along from doctor to doctor since I was at least 15 years old due to the fact most of my seizures were unwitnessed and only happened once or twice a year.

My doctor didn't give up

It was a relief that my primary care physician didn't give up looming for answers. He was correct for 11 years. The fact I saw him the day I had a big one and took an ambulance ride that night. All because the neuro department passed me around to others that it wasn't their specialty all because my step grandma was my doctors MA.

Feeling defeating but not giving up

I felt defeated. They seriously called security on us when we went to the patient complaint department. After all of that, I finally got see the correct doctor! But, then he was in denial because they were so infrequent and I read normal on tests and the fact I don't loose my bowels. He finally decided after I had another seizure that it was indeed epilepsy. I had epilepsy. I'm so thankful for my primary care physician who's sadly now retired. But the highlight of my story is that I have been seizure free for 6 years!

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