Epilepsy Since a Toddler

I had epilepsy since I was 2 years old, but everyone including doctors thought they were panic attacks. They would come and go every other year and would stay for a few months with the seizures would last maybe 15-30 seconds. When I got to high school I had one in class and everyone thought I was crazy. I was out of school for 3 months because I'd have countless seizures a day.

After graduation

In 2016 a year after graduation, I was at my 2nd ever job, had a "panic attack" there lost consciousness and ended up having to quit my job cause my seizures got bad. This also caused me to lose my car cause I couldn't pay it. My mom quit her job to help take care of me cause I would not leave bed. It was the middle of summer and I'd be under a thick blanket cause I was "terrified" to come out. I have a yearly physical in that time frame of the panic attacks with a new primary care doctor and he didn't even do a physical because all I kept doing was attack after attack peeing my pants and apologizing, so he said it was seizures and he got me an ambulance and sent me to the E.R for testing.

Finally being seen at epileptic

Finally a doctor that knows what they see. When I was in the hospital I had a group of doctors I had previously seen in the years come and apologize to me for not catching it early on and just assuming. There were a few that thought I was acting out to get attention. I don't remember a whole lot of that stay other than the fact my shoulder got busted because the ambulance left me unattended with no safety bars up on the bed, and i fell on the floor, nobody helped me. They all just kind of looked at me for a minute then helped me (from what my moms ex boyfriend said).

My surgery journey

I had surgery to fix my shoulder, I had multiple medications they tried on me but none seemed to work so after numerous testing, I got laser ablation surgery in 2020 and that worked for maybe 1.5 years until the scar tissue started to cause seizures to come back more frequently, so I just got another brain resection surgery this October, 2022. I am praying that this surgery works! It has truly been a long and tough road for me, but I choose to remain hopeful!

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