36 and Diagnosed With Epilepsy

At 36 my husband kept telling me: "something is wrong you keep staring off and can't respond." I told him he was crazy, that I was fine and that didn't happen. Then a co-worker saw this happen, she thought I was ignoring her. She told me what happened and that she was about to hit me.

Meeting with my neurologist

So, finally in May 2021 I met my neurologist. At my first appointment it happened in front of the doctor, nurse, and my husband. The doctor said, I definitely have epilepsy. He went on to get me scheduled the next day for my EEG to show where it was happening and possibly why it was happening. I was told it's caused from head trauma, and I did have a troubled childhood. The epilepsy is in both frontal lobes, not just one. I had an accident in October 2021, which has me now on disability.

Still not in total control of my seizures

My seizures are still not even slightly controlled, even after 8 different medications. I've wanted to give up in the past year in a half. But, with God, my husband, and these support groups I keep going on to fight another day. We are blessed, because God only gives these battles to his strongest warriors!! Stay strong and stay positive epilepsy warriors 💜

My first EEG in May 2021

My First EEG May 2021

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