Adventures With Epilepsy: Hitting the Water Park

My last visit to a water park was about 9 years ago, when I was 17. Unfortunately, I developed a seizure and severe body aches when swimming there. So I didn't dare go to the water park after that.

However, I wanted to go out and have fun with my friend – to give swimming and water parks another try after 9 years without going to one. At the same time, I felt both anxious and excited. I was knew I had to take precautions before going to the water park.

Avoiding my seizure triggers

The day before going, I made sure I went to bed early so I wouldn't feel too tired while at the water park. My epilepsy usually triggers when I'm exhausted. And I can maintain my calm more effectively when I get enough sleep. I prepared my medication before going to the water park as well.

My friend bought breakfast for me before we went. My epilepsy is also triggered by hunger. But my friend was great and made sure that everything was prepared so that I could feel secure and less worried about my epilepsy. Even at the water park, she ensured I are on schedule. It is crucial to have a friend who cares for you and is knowledgeable about epilepsy.

The water park was already crowded when we arrived, and many individuals had their families with them. We waited in the long line to purchase our entry tickets. As we walked into the water park, I was beyond thrilled.

Swimming (and water slides!) with epilepsy

The water was extremely chilly when I finally got into it to swim. My friend kept a close eye on me and was constantly on the lookout in case I was in danger. But after swimming for a while, I wanted to try out some water slides. I was bored in the kids' pool.

My friend and I went to the safest water slide. After jumping on the slide, it was a little frightening at first, and I worried I might experience seizures, but I was fine. I conquered my fear.

It was incredibly enjoyable. I visited more adventurous water slides, and good Lord, it was amazing! We didn't try everything, as my friend was afraid of triggering my seizures.

Listening to my body, taking precautions

After the water slide, I did feel lightheaded, so I rested for a while before riding the slides once more. I ate my lunch and drank a cup of hot chocolate to keep me warm.

I'm grateful my friend stayed with me while I was having fun at the water park. It is necessary to have someone with me whenever I am near a pool or swimming. It can be dangerous to go swimming alone for epilepsy patients.

Around 3 o'clock in the afternoon, my friend and I left the water park since it was going to rain. With my friend, it was a truly wonderful experience. I was still able to enjoy myself despite my epilepsy.

I was well-prepared this time compared to when I was 17 years old. I'm very excited I can visit water parks again!

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