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Navigating a Sudden Change in Healthcare Providers: Tips for a Smooth Transition

Finding the right doctor can be a trying task. I thought I had found the right doctor. So much so, that we came up with a two-year plan to wean off my phenobarbital.

I was confident in my doctor most days. However, I still advocated for myself and wouldn’t get on any medication until I knew the side effects it caused.

The other day, my doctor’s office called me to let me know I needed to find a new neurologist because my neurologist is no longer with the company. Immediately, I was in shock because I had spoken to my doctor last week.

I did not want to change doctors as we had a plan for my medications. What do I do in this case?

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Disruption in my neurological care plan

I received no notification about this from my provider. I know I’m not the only patient they see. However, with proper time, I could have found another neurologist.

I was not ready to leave my provider. We had a plan in place.

No transition plan and I was weaning off of phenobarbital. It was supposed to take two years. I trusted her with this plan.

I had a goal, and now I have to start the process all over again. I had a goal and I have to start the process all over again with another doctor.

Do I switch to another doctor at the same office or try to find where my doctor is moving? I opted to go to another office altogether.

One of my friends works in the medical field, and one of her siblings has epilepsy, so I reached out to her. She gave me a few healthcare providers that she would recommend for her sibling because the patients rave about the treatment.

Researching new providers

Before landing on a doctor, I started researching the best neurologists. I looked up the neurologists my friend told me about. I figure if I’m going to switch, I need to thoroughly do my research.

Researching the best doctors can be a task within itself. Word of mouth can be good, however, it depends on who is saying it.

Reviews are something to look at as well. I look at where the doctor studied, if they were pre-med, if they weren’t, and how long they’ve been practicing.

Starting over with a new doctor

Once I find the ideal doctor, I will request a copy of my medical records so I can go to my new healthcare provider.

Find Doctor, Ask Your Doctor Questions

When finding a doctor, I ask questions. I make sure I am comfortable with my doctor and vice versa. Doctors are really here to guide us along this process and be here on this journey with us.

If I feel like I’m not comfortable, that might not be the doctor for me. I don’t want to hold back from my doctor. I would like to express my concerns freely, and we come up with a resolution.

I was hoping this doctor was the right fit for me. Planning things with this doctor has been a year in the making. Now, I have to go over my plan with phenobarbital all over again. That is a lot.

I understand things do happen, and I honestly keep moving. I have goals for my epilepsy health. I will be seizure-free and taken off of phenobarbital soon.

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