Don't Be Embarrassed to Talk About Your Seizures

I have been having seizures since i was 13, and now I am 76. I have about one a year.

Communication is key

People will talk no matter what, so don't worry about them talking. It is best to confront them face to face, instead of behind your back. They will admire you for that, and your friends will be more open with you and you can discuss how you feel and what you feel and your triggers. It's all a matter of communication.

Don't feel embarrassed about it or live in a shell. There is nothing you can do about it but be punctual with your meds.

Tired of hospitals

At my age, I have lived a full life and look forward to eating, sleeping, and waking up. I hate when I wake up in the hospital and see a different ceiling, then I gather my thoughts and realized what happened. The first thing I want to know is when I can leave.

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