My First Seizure

I experienced my first seizure upon the birth of my first child 55 years ago. I had my seizure when I went into labor & the OBGYN had to give me an epidural to induce my labor, as I was not fully dilated.

How I'm doing now

Today I am still having trouble with different reactions to medications prescribed over time; everything from periodontal disease to alopecia and weight gain. Changing my neurologist sometimes made it difficult because the new doctor changed my medication.

Now, after testing by a local epilepsy center for one month, my seizures have been diagnosed as hereditary with partial temporal lobe transitions to the other side of my brain. Temporal lobe surgery was suggested, but I declined due to my age & possible complications of hearing or memory loss with surgery. I have an average of one to three mild seizures monthly, mainly due to stress. Good luck to everyone else with this disease.

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