Gelastic Epilepsy

My name is Lee Anne. I was born in 1964 in Orange, New Jersey. When I was born I was born with laughing seizures, because I was having gelastic epilepsy. That is were you can be doing anything and you start to laugh and it lasts for a minute or two. But, when you are a child and you are going to school it is hard because the kids see it and start making fun of you for no reason, are mean, and say nasty remarks.

Surviving school

There was one girl that always picked on me because she was a mean kid. She decided one day to push me down a flight of stairs. Then, one day she tried to come after me and I pushed her down the stairs. The principal found out and called my mom. My mom told him that if Angela would leave me alone, then I would not have to defend myself that way. And that she should apologize to me. But, she never did. I learned how to defend myself. Even in adulthood people can still be cruel and nasty. You learn to shrug it off.

Teaching others

When, I was in high school I met my husband. I met him in English class and we were reading the book Of Mice and Men. When we got to the part were it asked about NI, the teacher asked if anyone knew what NI meant. I raised my hand and she called on me and asked me what it meant. I told her that it means "neurological impaired". The next day, Mrs Comba told me that the kids were surprised and amazed that I would be able to talk to a class about it

Thanks to my mother

My mom taught me that just because I have epilepsy it doesn't make me any different than anyone else. Because of this, I was able to talk to the class. Even today people don't understand, but that is their problem. I feel that if you want to know more you can just ask me. I am an open book.

This or That

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