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Epilepsy Disease HL Mandi MillerMandi was previously a health leader on

Meet Amanda "Mandi" Miller; she has four years of freelance writing and is the quiet yet goofiest storyteller.

With each publication opportunity she has achieved over a small amount of time, she has had an intense and beneficial dream of her becoming a substantial and out-of-this-world writer, especially with her articles and the following subjects by research and personal experiences, especially when it comes to topics like wellness, education, lifestyle, mental health.

She's also an Epileptic Survivor and still going through the adventure.
Diagnosed at seven months old, it came with many up and downs and wonders of what's the next step. Her forever life-changing experience has been a roller coaster with the need for protection, the specific pathway and reality, and the conversation of understanding and truth.

She has gone through multiple surgeries, changes of medication, and all the above when it comes to survivors, yes, the success and the trauma that comes within all the different chapters that come with growing.

One thing is for sure; She's very thankful for the community; her mother has taken care of her and fought for her from the very beginning. And there's their world of writing and a collection of journals that will always present stories and every experience that people are wondering about now. The world will forever be a confusing slot.

Her natural, hands-on, and shared boldness has continued, and she is even on the verge of fulfilling her dream. Her bylines can be in Sheen Magazine, Femi Magazine, Unwritten, SpokenBlackGirl, and many more, and yes, more to come as well.

Yeah, let's make them wonder.

Mandi recently graduated from the University of Central Florida, obtaining a BA in Writing and Rhetoric plus English and all the above.

She's an introverted storyteller and well. You might not hear her sometimes, but by reading her articles, you'll listen to her.

Check out Mandi's Portfolio.

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